Courses on Advanced Topic IV - MEMS

12 - 13 December 2019  

CEITEC BUT, Purkyňova 123, S building, large meeting room  

Topics of the two-day course

  • Microfabrication Techniques (U. Schmid)
    • Introduction to Specific Markets and Applications of MEMS (Literature, Definition, Driving forces for MEMS development, MEMS market figures and manufacturers, MEMS products for automotive applications)
    • Materials Standard materials in MEMS (Why silicon for MEMS fabrication, Properties of MEMS materials, Fabrication process of high quality silicon, Piezoresistive effect in Silicon)
    • MEMS Technologies (Clean room, Thin film techniques (CVD, PVD, oxidation), Doping techniques (diffusion, ion implantation), Lithography, Etching techniques (wet etching, dry etching))
    • Technology Platforms (Bulk- and surface micromachining, LIGA)
    • Some Selected MEMS Devices (Pressure sensors, flow sensors, acceleration sensors, gyroscopes)
  • Piezoelectric MEMS Materials and Devices (M. Schneider)
    • Introduction to piezoelectricity (Fundamental principles, mathematical description)
    • Piezoelectric materials (Commonly used materials (AlN, doped AlN, PZT, PVDF,…))
    • Piezoelectric MEMS devices (Resonators, buckled membranes, acoustic wave devices)
  • Silicon Carbide (SiC) based MEMS for Harsh Environments (G. Pfusterschmied)
    • Introduction to silicon carbide (Historical evolution, Fundamental material properties, Polytypism)

    • Deposition techniques (SiC bulk materials and thin films)

    • SiC-based devices

  • Modelling and Simulation of MEMS (D. Platz)
    • Continuum Mechanics (Linear elasticity, Fluid dynamics)
    • Models for basics MEMS structures (Euler Bernoulli beam theory, Kirchhoff plate theory)
    • Linear and nonlinear dynamics (Vibrational eigenmodes, Harmonic oscillator, Nonlinear oscillators)


(each block consist of approx. 2-hour lecture interspesed with one short coffee break)

12 Dec (Thursday)

9:15 - 11:30 - Microfabrication techniques (U. Schmid) 

lunch break

13:00 - 15:15 - Piezoelectric MEMS Materials and Devices (M. Schneider) 

13 Dec (Friday)

9:15 - 11:30 - SiC-based MEMS for Harsh Environments (G. Pfusterschmied)

lunch break

13:00 - 15:15 - Modelling and Simulations of MEMS (D. Platz)