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Lecture (slides)

2D Materials: Synthesis, characterisation and applicationsReshef TenneCourses on Advanced Topics 1

pdf, ppt, wmv

Synthesis of nanomaterials

2D catalysis
Lecture (slides)

Application of plasmonics in chemistry and sensing

Alexander VaskevichCourses on Advanced Topics 2pdf

Plasmonic materials

Localised surface plasmon spectroscopy

Plasmonic systems in electrochemistry


Lecture (slides)Microfabrication techniquesUlrich SchmidCourses on Advanced Topics 4pdf


Applications, Technology and Devices of MEMS

Lecture (slides)

Piezoelectric MEMS Materials and DevicesM. SchneiderCourses on Advanced Topics 4pdf


Piezoelectric MEMS

Lecture (slides)

SiC-based MEMS for Harsh EnvironmentsG. PfusterschmiedCourses on Advanced Topics 4pdf


SiC deposition

Lecture (slides)

Modelling and Simulations of MEMSD. PlatzCourses on Advanced Topics 4pdf

Continuum mechanics

Linear and monlinear dynamics

Lecture (recording)

In-situ Electron Microscopy

Marc WillingerCourses on Advanced Topics 5mov

Transmission electron microscopy

In-situ scanning electron microscopy

Lecture (slides)In-situ Electron MicroscopyMarc WillingerCourses on Advanced Topics 5pdfIn-situ SEM and TEM
Lecture (recording)

Technology and physics of semiconductor quantum bits

- part 1

- part 2

Klaus EnsslinCourses on Advanced Topics 6mov

Semiconductor quantum dots

qubit implementations

Lecture (recording)

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Pawel Michalowski

Courses on Advanced Topics 7



sub-nanometre resolution

ultra-thin films

Lecture (recording)

Surface Science of Metal Oxides

- part 1

- part 2

Ulrike DieboldCourses on Advanced Topics 8mov

metal oxides


non-contact AFM

Lecture (recording)

In-situ microscopy: key to fundamental understanding of material phenomena

- part 1

- part 2

Suneel KodambakaCourses on Advanced Topics 9mov 

in situ variable-temperature STM


layer growth kinetics

refractory transition-metal carbides