7. 5. 2021 14:00  (online)

Kamila Etchegoyen Rosolová and Eleanor Lurring (Czech Academy of Sciences)  

Can you tell the difference between a good and a poor abstract? 

Are you curious about typical mistakes people make in research article introductions? 

Do you know how to write for audiences used to viewing texts through the lens of Anglo-American writing norms? 

This workshop addresses these questions and gives you a deeper understanding of the characteristics of successful publishable research articles. More specifically, we cover the following: 

  • Intercultural differences in writing styles
  • Rhetorical moves in abstracts, introductions, and discussions
  • Titles
  • Clarity and style
  • Writing process

In the workshop, we analyze authentic texts and engage you in activities to illustrate the principles of creating logical, coherent and reader-friendly research articles.