Courses on Advanced Topics V - In-situ Electron Microscopy

18 November 2020  

10:00 - 12:30  


The course on in-situ scanning electron microscopy and in-situ transmission electron microscopy will be presented by Marc Willinger (ETH) and will cover the basics, capabilities and limitations, and practical examples of the techniques.  

Detailed annotation: 

Modern analytical transmission electron microscopes are capable of delivering picometer resolved information about the geometric arrangement of atoms. However, conventional high-resolution observation in vacuum provides detailled information about an isolated material in vacuum. This is not sufficient if we are interested in processes such as material growth- and decomposition, corrosion or (electro)catalysis. Functional materials and catalysts should be studied in their relevant environment or under working conditions. In my presentation, I will speak about in-situ scanning and transmission electron microscopy. I will introduce the basics and demonstrate the capabilities and limitations using practical examples.