Researchers Night 2022

30. 9. 2022  18:00 - :)  

CEITEC Nano's clean laboratory facilities: Why are they called clean? How do researchers have to dress to enter them? How large are our labs? What can be researched in them? You will be able to ask all these questions during tours led by the most knowledgeable lab users. 

Advanced Sensors Laboratory: the laboratory of the Cybernetics and Robotics research group. 

X-ray Computed Tomography Laboratory. Can you see what you see on the holographic projector?

Experiments and hands-on activities

What does science taste like? Scientists from the Advanced Biomaterials Research Group are preparing tasting experiments for you. Will you test how a cotton wool made of the disaccharide sucrose, composed of α-D-glucose and β-D-fructose linked by an α-(1⟷2)-β-glycosidic bond, tastes?

How fast can you do it? Putting on a lab suit is no fun. Our scientists have to do it several times a day. 

Chemistry and physics are fun! See for yourself in front of the Magneto-optical and ThZ spectroscopy research group whose members prepare fun experiments for you. Maybe they'll let you try your hand at pipetting?

Have you ever heard of pulsed reactions? These are special because they change with the passage of time - from blue to brown and back again. Scientists know them as oscillatory reactions. Dr. Jan Žídek from the Advanced Polymer Materials Research Group will present these reactions in an unusual setting.