Seminar series: Atomically precised catalysis by metal nanoclusters

28. 3. 2023 - 11:00  

CEITEC Brno University of Technology, Large meeting room S2.02  

Dr. Noelia Barrabés
TU Wien

Catalysis is one of the key technologies that may finally enable a truly sustainable society. However, understanding and controlling the catalytic performance of nanoparticles at the molecular level remains a significant challenge. To address this, developing novel nanostructures with atomically controlled structural parameters, such as size, elemental composition, and surface modification, is essential. Metal nanoclusters offer a promising approach to achieve this goal and have already led to significant advances in nanoscience. The talk with present the research performed addressing the application of metal nanoclusters as means to aid fundamental understanding of surface science and catalysis. One main objective is to design and create active catalytic surfaces at atomic scale with specific properties for sustainable processes. Extensive structure characterization and operando spectroscopy, are used to gain insights into reaction mechanisms and develop a correlation between metal cluster structure and catalytic performance.