Seminar Series - Diamond-based quantum technology

9. 11. 2022  15:00 - 16:00

CEITEC BUT, Purkyňova 123, S building, large meeting room  

DR. BORIS NAYDENOV, Helmholdtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany  

Recent breakthroughs in quantum physics promise to revolutionise various technological fields like sensing, communication and computing by utilizing the laws of quantum mechanics. Excellent solid-state systems for these applications are colour centres in diamond and especially the nitrogen-vacancy centres (NVs). They show remarkable physical properties making them good candidates for quantum bits (qubits), single photon sources and precise magnetic field sensors with a nanometre spatial resolution. These defects can be measured at the single cite level even at room temperature, allowing to easily perform a variety of fundamental experiments with a single atom in a box.

In this talk the physics of NV centres with a focus on their spin properties will be reviewed for their application as quantum sensors. The realisation of nanoscale Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) will be demonstrated, where a small ensemble of nuclear spins can be detected. Furthermore, NV centres can be used not only for the detection, but also for spin control, allowing to implement Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation (DNP) leading to an improvement of NMR signals by few orders of magnitude. These allows the realization of a solid-state quantum simulator based on a 2D layer of nuclear spins in the vicinity of a single NV. Finally, the concept of an unforgeable quantum token will be presented, which is protected by the quantum non-cloning theorem. The first experiments towards the realisation with ensembles of NV centres will be shown.