Seminar Series - Exploring Light Elements in Steel via LIBS in the Vacuum-UV (VUV)

9/12/2021 14:00  

CEITEC BUT, S building, Large meeting room (or in Teams)

Prof. John T. Costello 

School of Physical Sciences and National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin City University, Dublin 9, Ireland

LIBS, or Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, is a well-established technique for the classification
(identification), and, under appropriate circumstances, the quantification, of elements (the analytes) in host
materials (the matrices) [1]. LIBS dates back almost to the invention of the laser [2] and has found application in a
wide range of sectors [3], spurred on mostly by its inherent simplicity. In essence, every element has a unique
optical spectrum (signature or fingerprint) allowing it to be identified by a simple wavelength measurement, and
quantified by a complementary intensity measurement. The use of a laser for elemental excitation has many other
advantages, remote/standoff operation, spatial scanning, no sample preparation, etc. extensively discussed in
literature [3].