Seminar Series: Light scattering predictions for transparent and translucent ceramics

13. 12. 2021 (hybrid)  

CEITEC Purkyňova 123, large meeting room, S building OR online 

Ing. Soňa Hříbalová

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Transparent and translucent ceramics have a wide range of applications – from impact resistant and infrared windows to photonics or dental replacements. The key factor for these applications, transparency, is typically limited by light scattering caused by pores (or impurities) and by the birefringent nature of non-cubic grains. Even though light scattering predictions for ceramic systems are quite common in the literature, they are usually limited to models that do not take into account the true nature of the system (e.g. they assume the same size of pores) or to models that have more or less severe shortcomings. Here, the current models for light scattering in ceramics with birefringent grains will be presented, and straightforward and reliable ways for light scattering predictions in ceramics will be demonstrated.