Seminar - Ultrafast nonlinear optical spectroscopy: from fundamentals to applications surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures

29 November 2019; 10:00   

Prof. Ana Cristina Gomes Silva (Universidade nova de Lisboa, Portugal)  

CEITEC BUT, S building, large meeting room  

Nonlinear optical spectroscopies have become important tools in surface and interface analysis where they can provide information on optical, electronic, reaching a state of very high surface sensitivity. Nanostructures with their large fraction of surface to volume are interesting subjects for studies with interface sensitive optical techniques. The basic principles of Optical Second-harmonic generation (SHG) are reviewed. Applications of optical SHG and SHG spectroscopy to characterization of nanostructures, such as C60, surfaces and  interfaces, nano crystals, metallic quantum wells, are presented.