Soft Skills - Financial mind-set

6 November 2020 

14:00 - 16:00 

Online webinar (Zoom) 

Admission to college can mean a fundamental life change for a person. Not only in the fact that the student gradually becomes independent in life, but also that s/he gains financial independence. This involves organizing one's personal finances, ensuring a sufficient income for life and adequate housing. How to make that happen, that is on you, no one can advise you better then yourself. But how to think about finances in general you can be inspired by the workshop Financial mind-set. You will learn tips on how to organize finances, how to have an overview of them, how to talk about salary, for example, but most importantly, how to think about finances in general. It is absolutely welcome when you come up with other topics related to finance. There will be a lot of space for them and I believe that in the end we will all inspire each other through the discussion.