Soft Skills Seminar - Presentation Skills

9. 4. 2021  14:00 online  

Do you know TED Talks? Do you want to know how TED speakers work with their presentations? How to communicate science? How to prepare your slides? How to warm up your voice? A 2-hour workshop by Martin Bažík and Libor Komárek of Congroo Fair. 

Martin believes that people are not born with the skill to make great and inspirational presentations, they learn to do it. But is there a manual, is there a specific guideline to be a great speaker? For Martin, communication is the fundamental part of his life and so are the presentations. As a former manager of the university career centre, he presented at various conferences, business meetings and also to academics why the centre is important. But he doesn't think that there is one way to do a great presentation, it depends on so many factors. In this workshop, he will try to deliver you his mindset, basically the way he thinks about public speaking. 

Libor is a coach, lecturer and psychologist who helps students and graduates with the transition between the university and the labour market. As a lecturer of presentation skills, he prepared, for example, the ambassadors of Masaryk University for their presentations at secondary schools. He now works at Congroo as a consultant for motivation and an autonomous approach to people management.